There is no excuse for animal abuse

You don’t have to be cruel to rule my world.

We are seeing a huge demand for cruelty-free products, from all over the world. This rapidly growing movement is largely thanks to activism and social media. The last few years have produced awareness of animal exploitation like never before. There is no excuse for animal abuse, thanks to all those who tirelessly fight for animal liberation.

People from all corners of the globe are waking up and demanding ethical alternatives. I long for the day that they declare an international ban on all animal testing. There have been marches in many countries, handing memorandums over to politicians, demanding such a ban.

There is no excuse for animal abuse
active until all cages are empty

There is no excuse for animal abuse, ever

Most of us have no clue as to what animals go through on an ongoing basis. All this just for the financial gain of greedy corporations. Nearly all our toiletries and cosmetics are linked to animal torture. Sometimes the finished product might not be tested on animals but several of its ingredients have or contain animal products.

There is no excuse for animal abuse. There is enough footage of animals been enslaved and tortured their whole lives by evil laboratory staff so people cant plead ignorance any more. This practice must end now!

Always alternatives

Thankfully we are moving forward and there are many cruelty-free options to choose from. Our ethical online mall, is bursting at the seams with high quality and stylish options. There are laptop bags, clutch purses, wallets, backpacks and a vast selection of clothing. The cosmetic and toiletry ranges offer something for every taste.

There is no excuse for animal abuse
vegan cork handbag

Medical testing is also under scrutiny now and the pharmaceutical companies are looking at producing non-cruel products. Scientists are developing new ways of testing, without the use of animals. Read this article on PETA’s website. They are starting to pay attention to the cry of the activist, “There is no excuse for animal abuse!”

Organizations like Beauty Without Cruelty and Cruelty Free International endorse non-cruel products. There is loads of information on their websites that will educate and help you make better choices. Check first before you buy.

Staying active

I am unapologetic in my stance against animal exploitation. There can never be enough awareness on the subject of animal suffering until every cage is empty.

I do realize this blog comes across as a bit depressing, however the positive lies in the options we now have. Activism comes in many forms, whether it’s holding a sign or buying a vegan bag. Together we are making a difference.

Special thanks to Anonymous for the Voiceless for the amazing job they are doing.

Stay active ✊
Robert ( aka Cape Trader )

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