Mental health gym

Maintaining mental wellness

Mental health gym and the importance of maintaining our mental health is no mystery to most people. We all realize our need to think clearly and have a peaceful mind. The only problem is, we are not sure how to maintain a positive mental state. Many of us are plagued by ongoing negative thoughts and various degrees of feeling stuck.

The feeling of being stuck is synonymous with many mental health issues. I don’t want to delve into the long list of psychological disorders. For this article, I want to concentrate on practical, day to day exercises that can improve our mental state. Mental health gym is what I call it.

Mental health gym
working at maintaining our mental wellness

Mental health gym

Yes, there are DIY ways of taking care of our mental health. Taking the necessary steps to address certain presenting issues will often mean talking to a professional or a mental health coach. Sometimes our situation will seem beyond our control and cognitive therapy will help to regain control over lives.

Mental health gym exercises range from a walk in the park with your dog to reading self-help books. I can’t emphasize the importance of exercise enough when it comes to our mental well-being. Regardless of our physical abilities, there is always something we can do to help release endorphins and distract us from what is causing distress. Yoga is my first suggestion when it comes to stress reduction through body movement.

Practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques will greatly assist in restoring our mental health. There are some helpful articles on the Monkeymind website that can steer you back on track.


There is so much we can do to improve our mental state by eating right. Mental health gym hack number 1, get your nutrition right! Educate yourself on vitamins and minerals that help produce serotonin and reduce stress. You will be doing yourself a great favor by connecting with a qualified nutritionist. I recommend reaching out to for nutritional counseling.

Mental health gym
start with getting our nutrition right

Mental health toolbox

We are dealing with a complexed mind that is constantly being subjected to various stimuli and programs. To get the best possible outcome, we need to do more than just talk-therapy to achieve results. Fill up that mental health toolbox with as many different therapeutic tools as possible.

Mental health gym workouts consist of working on our perception of life and addressing our distorted thought patterns. There are so many excellent books out there that can help bring light into the dark areas of our mind. The Monkeymind bookshop has a great selection of self-help titles to add to that toolbox.

Mental health gym
how we perceive life

Hopefully, soon, our mental health will be given the same attention as any other part of our body experiencing trauma. Far too often people are waiting until there are serious symptoms before seeking help. There are many reasons for this.  If you are unsure where to begin, reach out to a mental health coach that can guide you along.

I hope this article is helpful and encouraging. There are plenty of resources available with many different modalities. If you prefer the anonymity and convenience of online coaching, then go to

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