Is a high fruit diet healthy?

What is a high fruit diet?

Out of all the controversial topics out there, this one really rattles people. Firstly, what is a high fruit diet? A diet that provides you with calories almost entirely from fresh, ripe and in-season fruit. Generally speaking, a fruitarian is a raw foodist who will eat from above the ground, concentrating on the fruit in particular. Is a high fruit diet healthy? Ask me, and I will answer yes, as I have experienced first hand the high energy, great digestion, elimination and elevated mood. Speak to a qualified nutritionist, and get the low down on why it is the ultimate diet for all humans.

By now, most people not living under a rock have heard of veganism or know someone who is vegan. Veganism is often regarded as extream. I have been vegan for 5 years now, and it has never been difficult. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a little obsessed with their health like I am. Others enjoy Mexican, Indian, Italian and all sorts of vegan junk food like pizzas, burgers, and fry-ups. Most vegans still maintain better health than most people do., even with some processed food added to their diet.

Is a high fruit diet healthy?
delicious fruit smoothies

Is a high fruit diet healthy?

I find this a strange question. Growing up, I was constantly reminded to eat more fruit. I think everyone can agree, fruit is healthy. Some people will have concerns about not eating a “balanced meal” or the sugar spikes from eating a lot of fruit. There are answers to all these questions. I will leave all that up to you to research on

Personally, at this stage in my life, I am 100% raw but do not consider myself a fruitarian. I add a large amount of mostly organic greens to my high fruit diet, as well as nuts and seeds. Is a high fruit diet healthy? I suppose it also depends on what is added to that diet in terms of minerals and other nutrients that aren’t too plentiful in fruit. I won’t get into an argument about protein or other vital nutrients with a long-term fruitarian. That is one argument I will undoubtedly lose. A great resource is Anne Osborne’s Fruitarianism : Path to Paradise.

I had blood work done about a year ago, after not using any supplementation. At the time of doing bloodwork, I was eating mostly healthy and a mixture of raw and cooked with occasional vegan junk food in between. My protein, iron, D3, and calcium levels were all fine. Only my B12 levels were a bit low, which I later rectified with intermittent supplementation. Most, if not all fruitarians do not supplement and do not suffer from any malnutrition or malabsorption. They are usually found doing an outdoor activity with lots of sunshine. I have been told that walking barefoot in the dirt and eating plenty of organic fruit that is not over washed will supply you with enough vitamin B12.

Is a high fruit diet healthy?
ripe and ready blackberries

Simplifying life

Perhaps there are better questions to ask than, Is a high fruit diet healthy? Why is there not more research into the benefits of a fruitarian diet? Speak to any longterm frugivore and they will blow you away with their knowledge of nutrition. Some might say that all that fructose will cause your teeth to rot. This is true, but only if you don’t practice good dental hygiene.

Living a simple life and eating a natural, simple diet is very attractive to someone of a minimalist mindset. I have to admit, I am very keen to take the next step and live off a predominantly fruit-based diet. My personal research has to lead me to believe this is the ideal lifestyle.

Is a high fruit diet healthy?
fresh and in season


The controversy around eating healthy versus eating a Standard American Diet [ SAD ] all boils down to addiction. We will defend unhealthy eating habits and look for fault in obviously healthier choices because we are addicted to nutrient deficient, cooked food.

I will discuss addictions in greater depth on a Monkeymind blog in the near future. We all have addictions of some sort. The only way to deal with these dependencies is to first admit they exist.

Is a high fruit diet healthy?
lots of winter variety

Staying focused

Once we do the research, we will intuitively know we are meant to live on a high fruit diet. Focus on what is real and beneficial to yourself and your environment. There is no point in wasting energy in arguments about things we have no personal experience in. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Is a high fruit diet healthy? I would say it is, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Go onto Youtube and listen to numerous testimonials of how peoples’ lives have changed for the better.

Is a high fruit diet healthy?
it’s more than just eating fruit, its a way of life

I hope you found this article thought-provoking. If I can at least get someone to think outside the box, then I feel like I’ve achieved something worthwhile. I would love to hear from fruitarians out there and some of their invaluable insight. Please drop a comment below and help inspire all of us that are still sitting on the fence.

Stay well,

Robert  [aka Cape Trader]

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