Working from home

Making it work

Working from home or from anywhere is what most of us are trying to accomplish. This is not only possible but a very realistic and viable option. Millions of entrepreneurs around the world are discovering their niche and making a go of it. The thought of not having to travel to a job that you hate every day is enough reason to put in the effort!

Working from home

Being location independent is such an attractive concept, causing millions to rethink their current situation. Working from home makes sense to everyone who has the self-discipline to achieve success.    The one thing many fail to understand is the amount of hard work that goes into establishing their online presence. There is an amazing book titled The 4-Hour Work Week which explains in great detail how to get started. Unfortunately, many people have heard of this book but have not actually read it. The title can be a bit misleading. You can not start off by only working four hours per week.

Working from home
grinding away

Get out what you put in

We learned from a young age about working hard to achieve our goals. There is no difference when setting up an online business. Working from home can at times be even more challenging and requires tremendous self-discipline. As a mental health coach and aspiring NLP practitioner, I am naturally goal-orientated. If it wasn’t for my background in coaching, I’m not sure if I would still be grinding away at my keyboard.

I do not intend regurgitating what all the others are selling in the form of courses and tutorials.  If I have to repeat one thing that they are all saying, it is, find your niche! Once you have discovered what you enjoy and are passionate about, you will be able to put in the hours. Working from home requires hard work and dedication if you are to succeed. Stay focused and don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

Working from home
stay focused

Competing in the digital world

Working from home as a digital marketer is extremely competitive. You need to move away from a competitive mindset and concentrate on bettering your self. If you focus on others and their skills versus your own, you will never be at ease with what you are doing. Strive to find your individuality and uniqueness. We are all unique in some way and this can be demonstrated in our work. Compete only with your self.

Authenticity is important if you are to succeed. We can’t always get away from copying anyone but we should try to be as authentic as possible. There are so many avenues to choose from as a digital nomad or work from home mom. Whatever you decide is your forte, become a specialist in it. This has been my biggest hurdle, having too many projects on at the same time. For me, there is no going back now, as I am passionate about all my platforms. This has caused a delay in my progress as I spread myself thin over the various niche markets.

Balanced life

Working from home shouldn’t be just hard work. We need to find balance in our lives. In the early stages of my online career, I wrote Free I Am which explains how I managed to find that balance. If we are to succeed, then we need to be in it for the long haul. The only way to stick it out is by having a holistic approach to our mental wellness. The last thing you want is burnout.

Keep your health in check by acquiring the services of a qualified nutritionist. Working from home can also result in overworking and not getting enough sleep, exercise, and sunshine. It’s all about balance. The stress of not earning enough or none at all, in the beginning, can also creep in. One of my specialties is stress management. I just can’t imagine advancing in life without a stress reduction plan in place.

Working from home
maintaining balance

Be inspired

The underlined links in the body of this blog will take you to invaluable resources that will equip you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Working from home can be fun and rewarding. if you are serious about it, make the commitment and don’t look back! For more inspiration, check out some of my previous blogs.

Work from home

I wish you the best of luck and hope to read some of your experiences in the comment section below.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Unschooled homeschooling dad

 The end of an era

Unschooled homeschooling dad is coming to the end of his year as a full-time teacher. It has been an adventure, to say the least. I am so grateful to have spent the time with my boys and having a part in their education. It has not always been easy. My two sons are just as strong-willed as I was in my youth. This meant things didn’t always run all that smoothly.

We tend to clash often, but our love for each other continues to grow. We are learning so many life skills together and discovering much of what life has to offer, both good and bad. As I type this, I become aware of just how proud I am of these two amazing young men.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
learning and growing together

Unschooled homeschooling dad

Due to circumstances, I took the challenge of home educating my children. While my wife used the time building her business and working full time, I committed to a year of teaching, learning, and self-discovery. Unschooled homeschooling dad has found a thirst for knowledge that I never had in the institutional school system.

I’ve truly stretched myself in tackling problems and formulas that I either forgot or never actually learned in my school days. I can see how my desire to learn and do research has positively influenced my sons to do the same. I have very little schooling due to my rebelliousness back in the day. Only after the age of 40 did I start to pursue my interests in mental health coaching.

Open minds

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my boy’s as a direct result of been homeschooled, it is their open-mindedness. In my first book, Free I Am, I went into a lot more detail on the benefits of a home educated family. Whether homeschooling or unschooling, these kids are by no means just another brick in the wall. They do not simply conform to the system but question everything.

Unschooled homeschooling dad has also experienced growth during this family learning period. I have made a pact with myself to never stop learning, as long as I live. We are living in an era where information is literally at our fingertips.

For those who have their doubts about the unschooling philosophy, don’t worry, I do too. Having said that, I can not deny the fact that those kids who are unschooling have ways and means of receiving a more natural education than I ever did as a young boy. It is not easy being a minority, especially when it comes to challenging the status quo. I commend all those brave parents who have chosen what is best for their families even when facing opposition.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
open minds

Looking to the future

There are philosophers, psychologists, and many great minds speaking out against the educational system. This outdated system has not seen a major upgrade in more than 100 years. How do you apply such a system to an ever-changing world?

We are in a time where artificial intelligence is taking over millions of jobs. Some say as much as 800 million workers will be replaced by A.I. within the next 15 years.  I honestly can’t see how conventional schooling can effectively equip our kids for what is about to happen.

All that makes sense to me at this point is to encourage my boys in whatever subject truly interests them. I would rather have my kid excel at coding than just scraping by in history and other subjects that he has no passion for. Its time to start living outside the box.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
gearing up for the future

Living life to the fullest

Life is short and unpredictable. Unschooled homeschooling dad has come to realize nothing is permanent. We are on this earth for such a short time and never know when our time is up. I want to make the most of the time I do have with my family and treasure every minute of it.

As a family, we have structured our lives in a way that gives us the freedom we deserve. My wife is now teaching English online and working as a holistic nutritionist and together we run affiliate websites that will eventually provide us with passive income. Even my oldest son has his own online presence and is currently monetizing his various platforms.

I hope this brief article inspires those who are considering the homeschool option. There are many groups on social media that are sharing ideas, resources and providing a support system for each other. Please leave a comment below and share a bit of your own journey with us.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Importance of Exercise

Be our best

Our bodies are designed to move and to do so regularly. We function at our best with regular movement. Building muscle and improving our metabolic rate help the body maintain a lean and healthy state. Joint health is highly dependent on adequate surrounding muscle. Importance of exercise goes way beyond having a great looking body. Its a start to being our best.

Good muscle tone does more than just support our joints and help us lift heavy objects. Regular total body workouts keep our hearts strong and improve our general overall health. This is true if we are going about it the right way. Applying the correct nutrition plan will ensure the best results. In my biased opinion, I would recommend you get assistance from a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

Importance of exercise
getting started

Importance of exercise

Commit to an exercise routine, preferably with some professional guidance. Your nutritionist will explain how you lower the risks of heat-attack, diabetes, and many more life-threatening illnesses. Obesity is a major killer in modern day society. It is never too soon to take control of your health. Losing weight is possible under the right conditions and guidance of a qualified nutritionist.

Importance of exercise has many mental health benefits that are just as important as the physical. Physical activity is shown to help in raising serotonin and dopamine levels which helps with depression and anxiety. Getting fit and healthy boosts our mood and self-esteem. The psychological benefits of physical activity are immense. Clinicians working with addiction will almost always recommend exercise as part of the rehabilitation process.

How to get started

There are loads of fun and exciting forms of exercise available for all levels of ability. We all start with different levels of fitness and physical ability. Some of us might be ready to enter a park run, while others might be starting rehabilitation in a hospital. All we need is a positive attitude and desire to improve our current physical condition.

Importance of exercise far out-weighs most of our habitual distractions. There are so many things to distract us during the course of our day. We often convince ourselves, we have no time for a workout. If you spend any recreational time on a device, then you have time to exercise. In 4 minutes, you can do 50 push-ups.  Dedicate another 6 minutes to sit-ups and you have a pretty decent 10-minute workout.

For those who suffer from obesity and certain physical disabilities, a swimming pool is a great place to start. By walking the shallow end of a pool, you are able to get low impact movements in your body. This is a perfect way to increase blood flow and regain mobility in injured joints and build wasted muscle.

Importance of exercise
a way of life

Fitness culture

It is really good to see how the fitness culture has boomed over recent years. Lots of people are realizing how the importance of exercise is not something to ignore. There is more park runs, mountain biking events and yoga studios than ever before. Gyms are packed and many are setting up home gyms too. Family sport and leisure centers are popping up all over the place.

Living well is no longer just for certain athletic types. People are coming out of their shells and trying out various activities and finding that they really enjoy it. Some people might have the impression that technology is keeping people indoors. In fact, technology is helping people keep track of their performance and vital signs. Most people listen to their favorite music or podcast while they are working out. I touched a bit on this in a previous blog about earplugs that never fall out.

A way of life

Importance of exercise will soon become ingrained in our everyday lives, once we discover what works and feels good. A morning routine becomes enjoyable once we have seen the results. It is a great feeling to receive compliments on how much weight you have lost muscle that you gained. With time, we become more motivated and our exercise routine becomes a way of life.

I hope this article inspires you to make the adjustments necessary to be the best you can be. Please comment below with any advice or questions you might have. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. There are more blogs on various other subjects for your pleasure.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Minimalist footwear at its best

Bearfoot is best

There is numerous evidence pointing to barefoot walking as the healthiest for our feet, ankles, knees, and backs. I watch my two sons walking everywhere barefoot and I can’t help but envy them. There is so much more to walking barefoot than we realize. I discuss this in more detail, in my book, Free I Am. We have been conditioned by society to cover our feet in most formal and informal settings. The soles of our feet have become over sensitive and muscles have become week. I was now on a mission to find a shoe that replicates the feeling of barefoot walking. The best minimalist shoe was out there, and I was going to find it.

I have been hunting for a long lasting shoe that will give me support, comfort, and style for a long time. Love the feel of walking barefoot, whenever I get the chance. I have finally found the minimalist shoe that gives me that same feeling of being grounded, but with the protection I need. The part that really astounds me is, how well made these shoes are. Xero Shoes speak of a 5000-mile warranty on the soles, and I can see why they are so confident about this product. I have been using my hanas for a full year now and there is hardly any noticeable wear.

The best minimalist shoe
5000-mile warranty

The best minimalist shoe

I did a video on the purchase of my Ipari Hanas a year ago. A year later, and I can honestly say they feel better than when I first got them. We are now in winter, in the Southern Hemisphere, and I’m wearing them nearly every day. The only time I’m not wearing them is indoors and on hot days when I’m looking for an excuse to go properly barefoot. What I have noticed is how much more I can do barefoot since I’ve worn the Hanas. The muscles in my feet have strengthened and my posture has improved.

I have struggled with knee problems for many years and even ended up having a total knee replacement. I can’t explain the science behind it, but the Ipari Hana definitely makes walking a whole lot easier. My only issue since buying the best minimalist shoes is I don’t want to wear any of my other shoes.

The best minimalist shoe
Ipari Hana, the next best thing to walking barefoot

Why you’ll love the Ipari Hana

  • Natural FIT — a wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax. Plus the “XERO-drop” sole (non-elevated heel and low-to-the-ground) allows for proper posture, balance, and agility.
  • Natural FUNCTION — the Hana is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed to. Plus, they’re so lightweight, you’ll barely know you have them on. A men’s 9 is only 8 ounces each.
  • Natural FEEL — the Hana uses the same 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole from our Z-Trek sandal, so you get great protection while still getting the ground feedback that your feet like. With an optional 2mm insole, the Hana truly lets you Feel The World®.
  • Vegan-friendly materials — the Hana’s upper is canvas, the lining and external accents are microfiber. It washes easily with soap and water.
  • Huarache-inspired design — the heel/instep strap is not only eye-catching but functional.
  • Flexible heel — feel free to step on the heel and wear the Hana as a “slide”

Why is it called “Ipari Hana”?

“Ipari” is the category name we’re using for all of our closed-toe shoes (yes, that means more are coming!). It was inspired by “rarajipari,” the running, ball-kicking game the Tarahumara play… even though it’s an endurance game, the emphasis is on FUN. Then, “Hana” was inspired by the name of the town in Maui, Hawaii that exemplifies the feeling of casual adventure. Plus, “hana” means “craft” in Hawaiian.

Put it together and you get a well-crafted, elegant casual shoe that’s perfect for your next adventure. The best minimalist shoe, that I use everywhere!

Tell the world about them

This is definitely one of the easiest product for me to market and recommend. These shoes tick all the boxes for me, especially the fact that they are vegan-friendly. In my Youtube video, I mention the issues I had with the South Africa post office, so please avoid using them.  Other countries have much more efficient postal services, which would probably work fine. I suggest choosing the most expensive shipping option if you live in an area notorious for delays.

You can grab a pair of Hanas or any of the other styles of Xero Shoes through the website. The best minimalist shoe ever.

Please leave a comment below or email me on with any questions you might have. I hope you found this product review informative and let me know of any requests you might have for similar products on Cape

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Healthy and young looking skin

Skin renewal

Healthy and young looking skin is what we all want. As the years pass by, the skin begins to reveal our age. Men and women alike, are spending large amounts of money on skin care products. The mainstream products we have become accustomed to, often do more harm than good. 

Healthy and young looking skin
slow down the aging process naturally

This billion dollar industry has no shortage of funds when it comes to advertising on billboards and TV commercials. We see supermodels endorsing products for our skin that we really don’t need and should really not use. The desire to have a healthy and younger looking skin sometimes supersedes our better judgment.

Healthy and young looking skin

There are natural ways of boosting collagen production and maintain a youthful look. Eating vitamin C rich foods such as citrus will assist the body in producing collagen. There are millions of people suffering from various skin ailments.  It appears as if our largest external organ is sending us an important message.

In most cases, we are in desperate need of a detox. The visual symptoms we are noticing on our skin is the result of something more serious beneath the surface. Before embarking on a fast or detox programme, consult with your doctor and a qualified nutritionist.

Healthy and young looking skin
bring out your natural beauty the healthy way

Problem free skin

Bad diet, stress, and exposure to harsh elements can play havoc on our skin. Dermatologists have a lengthy list of skin conditions, some even deadly. The problem lies in how these “experts” treat their vulnerable patients.

Inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis are often treated with carcinogenic treatments like psoralen and ultraviolet A radiation (PUVA), methotrexate, ultraviolet B (UVB), and tar. The risk of using these treatments are high and they don’t even offer a cure. There is the help to be found and we can all enjoy problem free skin.

Natural healing

There are healthy alternatives to the dangerous pharmaceuticals been pushed by the white coats. There are organic skincare ranges with fresh, natural and vegan ingredients to create amazingly effective cleansers and toners. These will rejuvenate your skin with a healthy glow and fresh feeling.

At there is no shortage of products that promote healthy looking skin without the worry of absorbing toxic chemicals.

Diet is probably the first place to start in clearing up problematic skin. Get advice from a qualified nutritionist who won’t be pushing products that could potentially cause more harm than good. A great place to find the necessary nutritional counseling is

Never give up

Many people suffering from problematic skin, often give up after adjusting diet and living healthy. The two main causes of not seeing results is inadequate nutrition and not giving the body enough time to heal. Some of us have been toxifying our bodies for decades and expect to reverse all that harm in three weeks.

There needs to be a complete mind shift and lifestyle change. For a permanent healthy glow with clear skin, we need to make the necessary adjustments to our daily lives. We must never give up. Healthy and young looking skin is definitely achievable in the right environment.

You are not alone

There are millions of people struggling with various forms and degrees of skin disease. You are not alone. There are numerous support groups and online counseling available. If you are looking for self-help literature, go to

Healthy and young looking skin
no need to hide

I hope you find the resources in this blog useful. Healthy and young looking skin is definitely possible, under the right conditions. Click on the underlined text, to discover healthy skin treatments at

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope you find the answers you are looking for.

Stay well,

Robert ( aka Cape Trader )

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There is no excuse for animal abuse

You don’t have to be cruel to rule my world.

We are seeing a huge demand for cruelty-free products, from all over the world. This rapidly growing movement is largely thanks to activism and social media. The last few years have produced awareness of animal exploitation like never before. There is no excuse for animal abuse, thanks to all those who tirelessly fight for animal liberation.

People from all corners of the globe are waking up and demanding ethical alternatives. I long for the day that they declare an international ban on all animal testing. There have been marches in many countries, handing memorandums over to politicians, demanding such a ban.

There is no excuse for animal abuse
active until all cages are empty

There is no excuse for animal abuse, ever

Most of us have no clue as to what animals go through on an ongoing basis. All this just for the financial gain of greedy corporations. Nearly all our toiletries and cosmetics are linked to animal torture. Sometimes the finished product might not be tested on animals but several of its ingredients have or contain animal products.

There is no excuse for animal abuse. There is enough footage of animals been enslaved and tortured their whole lives by evil laboratory staff so people cant plead ignorance any more. This practice must end now!

Always alternatives

Thankfully we are moving forward and there are many cruelty-free options to choose from. Our ethical online mall, is bursting at the seams with high quality and stylish options. There are laptop bags, clutch purses, wallets, backpacks and a vast selection of clothing. The cosmetic and toiletry ranges offer something for every taste.

There is no excuse for animal abuse
vegan cork handbag

Medical testing is also under scrutiny now and the pharmaceutical companies are looking at producing non-cruel products. Scientists are developing new ways of testing, without the use of animals. Read this article on PETA’s website. They are starting to pay attention to the cry of the activist, “There is no excuse for animal abuse!”

Organizations like Beauty Without Cruelty and Cruelty Free International endorse non-cruel products. There is loads of information on their websites that will educate and help you make better choices. Check first before you buy.

Staying active

I am unapologetic in my stance against animal exploitation. There can never be enough awareness on the subject of animal suffering until every cage is empty.

I do realize this blog comes across as a bit depressing, however the positive lies in the options we now have. Activism comes in many forms, whether it’s holding a sign or buying a vegan bag. Together we are making a difference.

Special thanks to Anonymous for the Voiceless for the amazing job they are doing.

Stay active ✊
Robert ( aka Cape Trader )

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