Unschooled homeschooling dad

 The end of an era

Unschooled homeschooling dad is coming to the end of his year as a full-time teacher. It has been an adventure, to say the least. I am so grateful to have spent the time with my boys and having a part in their education. It has not always been easy. My two sons are just as strong-willed as I was in my youth. This meant things didn’t always run all that smoothly.

We tend to clash often, but our love for each other continues to grow. We are learning so many life skills together and discovering much of what life has to offer, both good and bad. As I type this, I become aware of just how proud I am of these two amazing young men.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
learning and growing together

Unschooled homeschooling dad

Due to circumstances, I took the challenge of home educating my children. While my wife used the time building her business and working full time, I committed to a year of teaching, learning, and self-discovery. Unschooled homeschooling dad has found a thirst for knowledge that I never had in the institutional school system.

I’ve truly stretched myself in tackling problems and formulas that I either forgot or never actually learned in my school days. I can see how my desire to learn and do research has positively influenced my sons to do the same. I have very little schooling due to my rebelliousness back in the day. Only after the age of 40 did I start to pursue my interests in mental health coaching.

Open minds

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my boy’s as a direct result of been homeschooled, it is their open-mindedness. In my first book, Free I Am, I went into a lot more detail on the benefits of a home educated family. Whether homeschooling or unschooling, these kids are by no means just another brick in the wall. They do not simply conform to the system but question everything.

Unschooled homeschooling dad has also experienced growth during this family learning period. I have made a pact with myself to never stop learning, as long as I live. We are living in an era where information is literally at our fingertips.

For those who have their doubts about the unschooling philosophy, don’t worry, I do too. Having said that, I can not deny the fact that those kids who are unschooling have ways and means of receiving a more natural education than I ever did as a young boy. It is not easy being a minority, especially when it comes to challenging the status quo. I commend all those brave parents who have chosen what is best for their families even when facing opposition.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
open minds

Looking to the future

There are philosophers, psychologists, and many great minds speaking out against the educational system. This outdated system has not seen a major upgrade in more than 100 years. How do you apply such a system to an ever-changing world?

We are in a time where artificial intelligence is taking over millions of jobs. Some say as much as 800 million workers will be replaced by A.I. within the next 15 years.  I honestly can’t see how conventional schooling can effectively equip our kids for what is about to happen.

All that makes sense to me at this point is to encourage my boys in whatever subject truly interests them. I would rather have my kid excel at coding than just scraping by in history and other subjects that he has no passion for. Its time to start living outside the box.

Unschooled homeschooling dad
gearing up for the future

Living life to the fullest

Life is short and unpredictable. Unschooled homeschooling dad has come to realize nothing is permanent. We are on this earth for such a short time and never know when our time is up. I want to make the most of the time I do have with my family and treasure every minute of it.

As a family, we have structured our lives in a way that gives us the freedom we deserve. My wife is now teaching English online and working as a holistic nutritionist and together we run affiliate websites that will eventually provide us with passive income. Even my oldest son has his own online presence and is currently monetizing his various platforms.

I hope this brief article inspires those who are considering the homeschool option. There are many groups on social media that are sharing ideas, resources and providing a support system for each other. Please leave a comment below and share a bit of your own journey with us.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Life outside the box

Living in a box

We grow up in a society that is driven by a totalitarian system. Living in this box is not easy, but for most of us, it’s all we know. We are literally labeled as taxpayers. This alone should set off alarm bells. The crazy part is how most citizens will defend this system, often with their lives. I self-published an e-book, Free I Am that goes into a lot more detail on this subject.  I promise not to push my anarchist ideals of a self-governed society in this article too hard. Life outside the box is very possible in this day and age, and millions of people are discovering how.

Life outside the box
turning dreams into reality

Life outside the box

These are exciting times, with loads of opportunities.  Life outside the box starts with some conscious decision making. Do you want the 9-5 job in a workspace that you do not enjoy?  For some people,  the answer might be yes. It takes some courage to leave your comfort zone and go against the grain. The life that our parents and grandparents lived in is a lot different than how it looks today.

Making the decision to break out of the box allows us to start living on our own terms. Life outside the box is all about self-discovery, fun, adventure, and freedom. Choosing an alternative lifestyle over the stressful existence our slave masters have designed for us is a no-brainer for me.

Life outside the box
freedom is a choice

Weighing the options

If you are still reading this blog then you are in the company of like-minded people who naturally think outside the box. Life outside the box starts now! Most of us ‘free thinkers’ have dreams of travel, but are not sure where or how to start. There are numerous options out there, Your choice will depend upon your interests.

I can only recommend what appeals to me and many others that are wired the same way. My minimalist mindset would have me drawn to nature and not necessary an ultra-modern city. I do enjoy exploring cities, but for not more than a day or two. A lot of people are considering Portugal or Spain as a stepping stone in their plans of slow travel. Working as an English teacher is a perfect way of seeing the world. A premier TEFL course will help you qualify in most countries to teach English.

Life outside the box
putting plans into motion

Goal setting

Life outside the box starts with setting SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed goals. Once you have worked out the specifics, then put your plans in motion. Here are links to some great deals on flights and accommodation.

Achieving goals is so rewarding and provides us with the confidence to stretch ourselves and set even bigger ones. No matter how small the goal is that you wish to attain, don’t dismiss it. We need to practice at winning in life. Our whole lives, we have been programmed to fear stepping out into the world and taking responsibility for our future. We can’t rely on others for our happiness.

Life outside the box
stepping out into a whole new world

Smashed that box

Please comment in the section below and share some of your dreams and accomplishments. I would love to hear your stories and any advise you can offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope the resources I have added will be of great help to you.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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Teaching English abroad

Tried and Tested

This is one of the most exciting tried and tested ways of earning while you travel. It has never been easier or safer to travel and getting paid to do so. Teaching English abroad is for anyone who loves connecting with people from other cultures and adding value to their lives.  Most of us have heard about the option to travel to exotic destinations while teaching English. This has become very popular in the last decade with more people doing it than ever before.

It is a lot easier to do than you might think. In some instances, a bachelors’ degree might be required in addition to the TEFL qualification. Very often the TEFL certificate will suffice. There are various levels on offer and the premium package will obviously increase your chances of teaching in your preferred country.

Teaching English abroad as a Digital Nomad

There are so many options as an ESL teacher with the correct qualifications. You can choose from countries in South America, Europe, South East Asia and throughout the Far East. Some teachers might prefer teaching online instead of a brick and mortar classroom. This is happening on a massive scale. You could be setting up a class from a beach shack in Bali or even from your own home. The digital nomad culture is exploding across the globe.

Most teachers are based in countries like Vietnam or Thailand. The cost of living is exceptionally low for the excellent quality of life you get in these awesome locations. By choosing the online teaching route you can be based anywhere with a good internet connection. If you a young freelancer or someone wanting to make a full-time career from teaching, TEFL is your answer. Nothing beats the location independent lifestyle.

Teaching English abroad as a young freelancer
Teaching English abroad as a young freelancer


The way the world is changing, people are moving around far more frequently. We are seeing a lot of interest from families wanting to travel and teach with their kids, coming along for the adventure. The continual increase in homeschooling or world schooling has made this a reality. Families that already have some teaching experience with their own kids are getting their TEFL certification. Some employers are even offering to pay for flights and accommodation for dependents.

There are amazing benefits for children traveling the world with their parents. Kids discover new places, cultures, and religions first hand. These experiences far outweigh anything they could have learned in a book. In some instances, the private school you are employed by will enroll your child  for free for the duration of your contract.

Gap Year

Teaching English abroad is the perfect opportunity for a school leaver wanting to travel before furthering their studies. Teaching in China during your gap year will give you experience and help towards your university fees.

There is such a demand for serious teachers that they ensure a welcome stay. There are many who have initially signed a one year contract in South East Asia and ended up staying. The low cost of living, friendly people, and beautiful surroundings make it difficult to leave.

Get Started

There are various TEFL courses available, mostly 6-month courses that can be done in much less time. Select the course that suits your needs by going to www.vhawker.com and selecting the education category.

More Reading

Teaching English abroad is just one of many ways of living consciously and discovering a less stressful existence. Check out some of my other blogs on self-improvement and conscious living.

I hope you found this article informative and eventually, life-changing. I wish you lots of fun and all the luck with your new adventure.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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