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Everyone I know travels or has a desire to travel. It is easier than ever before to hop on a plane and visit a new place. Best travel destinations and cheap flights are what most people search for online.

The affordability of flights and accommodation is the deciding factor for most people. There are many countries that were previously avoided because of political unrest or crime. Many of these countries have now become prime locations with a low cost of living and very safe to explore.

Best travel destinations
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Best travel destinations

For most countries that were hit hard during the recession, tourism has been their saving grace. South and Central America are high on people’s lists because of affordability and the warm reception they get.

Best travel destinations like countries in South East Asia are enjoying strong economies due to creating a tourist-friendly atmosphere.


Travelers of all ages are flying more often. With the massive increase in location independent workers, people are moving around more frequently. Many school levers are moving from place to place, averaging a stay of 3 months at a time.

International travel is growing but domestic travel in the USA is becoming very common for young and old alike. Affordable flights are making peoples’ dreams of travel become a reality.

Working from anywhere

As the digital nomad culture expands across the globe so does the demand for low cost, exotic destinations. The general requirements are good climate, affordability, plenty of activities and fast internet. Co-working spaces are popping up all over the world, providing a place to get their work done in a suitable environment.

This growing trend of working while you travel has helped increase the demand for quality hotels and other accommodation. Competition is at an all-time high among the various hotel groups.

Bset travel destinations
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Exciting times

Best travel destinations are on everyone’s lips. Travel is no longer exclusively for the rich. People from all walks of life are relocating or experiencing slow-travel. People are using their visitor visas to the maximum time allowed in a specific country. In many cases, a border run to a neighboring country will be required to extend visas. This often involves a cheap flight or overnight hotel stay.

These are exciting times. If you have not yet found the right opportunity to explore your world, then this is your chance. Don’t procrastinate, life is short.

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Thank you for your time. I hope to hear about your hopes, dreams and travel experiences in the commentary section.

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