If there is one thing I’ve learned from 2020 it is that we can’t predict the future. More than ever, we need to be self-reliant. We can no longer depend on gyms, spas and other brick and mortar establishments to help us maintain our health.

ready for whatever the new year throws at us

With the threat of other zoonotic diseases and mutating viruses, we need to create ways of building our bodies and minds independently and remotely. By now, most of us have become accustomed to some form of online coaching and home workouts.

Where do we start? How do I boost my immune system? These are some of the questions you might ask. The first step is to get enough sunshine and stay hydrated with a high-quality water filtration system. For people living in areas with limited sunshine, you might want to supplement with vitamin D. I suggest a vegan-friendly D3 supplement. We basically want to give ourselves a fighting chance against anything that poses a threat to our well-being. The rest of our essential nutrients will come from our food.

Getting our nutrition right can be tricky. There is so much misleading information on the Internet and trying to sieve through it all can be a bit overwhelming. I suggest getting in touch with a qualified nutritionist. My recommendation would be Barbara Olivier. She holds a degree in holistic nutrition and specializes in whole foods plant-based nutrition.

Nature’s best

Strength training and fitness are vital in maintaining our health and building a strong immune system. Calisthenics offers a solid means of getting a full-body workout with minimal equipment. As I mentioned with nutrition, get professional advice before attempting something that could potentially cause you harm.

Some basic equipment to purchase would be a dip station or parralettes bars. If you have the space, then pull up bars would complete the package nicely. In staying true to minimalism and calisthenics, you want your equipment to be durable, easily dismantable and transportable.

minimalistic workouts

There is so much more I could share with you on health and wellness, but too much information can be a bit hard to swallow. Let’s start with the basics, as mentioned above. Our holistic health is achievable from the security of our own homes. We can meditate, exercise, and educate ourselves on how to live healthily all from our living room.

Keep contact with your nutritionist, who will guide, hold you accountable and give you access to resources that you need. The beauty of this digital world is, you can maintain contact with your personal trainer ( I recommended Jordan Todd ) or nutritional coach from anywhere in the world.

The only thing left to ask yourself is, will you forget what you’ve just read or click on the links above and start your transformation? This is meant to be a short and concise blog. Just getting the facts across and providing you with valuable resourses, without it being too wordy.

I really hope this benefits you and your family. Please comment on this post and let us all know how you are progressing.

Wish you all the best,

Rob [ Capetrader ]

p.s. If you click on the underlined links and purchase something, I receive a small commission. This helps me build the platform and create more beneficial content.

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