Working from home

Making it work

Working from home or from anywhere is what most of us are trying to accomplish. This is not only possible but a very realistic and viable option. Millions of entrepreneurs around the world are discovering their niche and making a go of it. The thought of not having to travel to a job that you hate every day is enough reason to put in the effort!

Working from home

Being location independent is such an attractive concept, causing millions to rethink their current situation. Working from home makes sense to everyone who has the self-discipline to achieve success.    The one thing many fail to understand is the amount of hard work that goes into establishing their online presence. There is an amazing book titled The 4-Hour Work Week which explains in great detail how to get started. Unfortunately, many people have heard of this book but have not actually read it. The title can be a bit misleading. You can not start off by only working four hours per week.

Working from home
grinding away

Get out what you put in

We learned from a young age about working hard to achieve our goals. There is no difference when setting up an online business. Working from home can at times be even more challenging and requires tremendous self-discipline. As a mental health coach and aspiring NLP practitioner, I am naturally goal-orientated. If it wasn’t for my background in coaching, I’m not sure if I would still be grinding away at my keyboard.

I do not intend regurgitating what all the others are selling in the form of courses and tutorials.  If I have to repeat one thing that they are all saying, it is, find your niche! Once you have discovered what you enjoy and are passionate about, you will be able to put in the hours. Working from home requires hard work and dedication if you are to succeed. Stay focused and don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

Working from home
stay focused

Competing in the digital world

Working from home as a digital marketer is extremely competitive. You need to move away from a competitive mindset and concentrate on bettering your self. If you focus on others and their skills versus your own, you will never be at ease with what you are doing. Strive to find your individuality and uniqueness. We are all unique in some way and this can be demonstrated in our work. Compete only with your self.

Authenticity is important if you are to succeed. We can’t always get away from copying anyone but we should try to be as authentic as possible. There are so many avenues to choose from as a digital nomad or work from home mom. Whatever you decide is your forte, become a specialist in it. This has been my biggest hurdle, having too many projects on at the same time. For me, there is no going back now, as I am passionate about all my platforms. This has caused a delay in my progress as I spread myself thin over the various niche markets.

Balanced life

Working from home shouldn’t be just hard work. We need to find balance in our lives. In the early stages of my online career, I wrote Free I Am which explains how I managed to find that balance. If we are to succeed, then we need to be in it for the long haul. The only way to stick it out is by having a holistic approach to our mental wellness. The last thing you want is burnout.

Keep your health in check by acquiring the services of a qualified nutritionist. Working from home can also result in overworking and not getting enough sleep, exercise, and sunshine. It’s all about balance. The stress of not earning enough or none at all, in the beginning, can also creep in. One of my specialties is stress management. I just can’t imagine advancing in life without a stress reduction plan in place.

Working from home
maintaining balance

Be inspired

The underlined links in the body of this blog will take you to invaluable resources that will equip you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Working from home can be fun and rewarding. if you are serious about it, make the commitment and don’t look back! For more inspiration, check out some of my previous blogs.

Work from home

I wish you the best of luck and hope to read some of your experiences in the comment section below.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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