How to stay healthy

Staying healthy

We all want to live long and healthy lives. Everyone starts there health journey at different points in their lives and in very different ways. In most cases, people wait until they have a health crisis before making positive changes in their life. Cancers, heart disease, strokes and auto-immune disease are becoming all too common. How to stay healthy, once we have achieved some success is also a huge challenge. Watch this video on what is the main cause of all the dread disease that has become the norm in our society.

Staying healthy is a complete mind shift and one needs to be super motivated to sustain the new lifestyle. I find the best thing for me is engrossing myself in relevant motivational books, podcasts, etc.

Eating plan

A well thought out eating plan is vital in maintaining our health. How to stay healthy? I suggest talking to a qualified nutritionist that holds a degree in nutrition. For me personally, a raw food, vegan diet is optimum. There is really no other way of life that makes me feel better. I have found that a low fat, high carb diet, consisting mostly of fruit works best. Nutrient dense, low-calorie plant food is a natural weight-loss plan with very little planning. Most raw foodists just eat until they are full with very little calorie counting.

There are situations where a supplement is necessary – when we don’t have access to enough quality fruit and vegetables. I would recommend a brand like Sunwarrior’s completely natural and raw vitamins. They have a whole range of excellent products to choose from via Their ingredients are unprocessed and of the highest quality.

raw vitamins
raw vitamins


People everywhere are getting into shape, in some way or another. There are so many fun ways to strengthen and tone our bodies. Callanetics and other home workouts are very popular, as you can do them in privacy and at your own pace. Cardiovascular exercises are important and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. By choosing to run home from work instead of driving, will not only save you fuel but give you a good workout and help reduce stress.

home workouts
home workouts

How to stay motivated

How to stay healthy and motivated to do so is the determining factor. I touched on this subject in a previous post, wireless earphones that never fall out. All that makes any sense to me, is living a healthy life in full. You can’t have that mindset of “I’ve done well this week so I deserve a treat.” For every day of bad eating and no exercise, you are undoing a full week of hard work.

Stick to your routine and learn to enjoy it. See your food in a new light, not as just something you have to do but rather something you appreciate. I have written about mindful eating in other blogs. You will do well to read up on that. A great way to enjoy your workouts is by listening to music or a podcast. in this way, you are also nourishing your mind. It could even be a motivational podcast on “How to stay healthy” The best earplugs I know of, that never fall out can be found on

earplugs that never fall out
earplugs that never fall out

Information overload

There is so much information out there on nutrition and fitness, both good and bad. I can only hope you find your way through this sea of expert opinions. Everyone seems to be an expert these days. Very often, people form an opinion over a single Facebook post that they read and then share it as factual.

Every word I have written here is based on personal experience and nutritional advice that I have received from a qualified holistic nutritionist.

I hope you have found this article helpful. Please leave a comment below and share some of your experiences.

I wish you the very best on your journey.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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create a fair life for all

ethical trading

Cape Trader is a platform for promoting ethical trading and products that do the least amount of harm. The conscious consumer has so many affordable options regarding cruelty free fashion, food and every essential item in the home.

Wanting to create a fair life for all our children and every living being should be our main focus. I like to think that we all share a deep intrinsic motivation to do good. Unfortunately most people dont look past their own greed for the latest device or their favourite coffee blend.

why fair trade ?

If you have seen the certification symbol on certain products, you are already aware of the movement. Why fair trade? Fairtrade International and other organizations that share fair trade principles are here to help create a fair life for all. They are working hard to bring fairness to trade relationships between producers and consumers.

To create a fair life for all, goes beyond just paying a fair price to the farmer. As consumers, we should dig a little deeper and discover what exactly we are supporting by purchasing conventional products. It seems it is easier to stick our heads in the sand or look the other way, rather then thinking about the serious injustices continuing all around us.

We now know what is going on as far as child labour and other forms of exploitation is concerned. The question is, what we are going to do about it. No one expects you to quit your job and move to South America and start a revolution. An easy way to help create a fair life for all, is simply choosing the fair trade product on the self.

create a fair life for all
create a fair life for all

sustainable production

The question of sustainable production and whether it is even worth supporting is often heard. Fairtrade and other ethical trading has been around for many years. Fairtrade International is a well planned and governed organization that meets world standards.

There are literally thousands of fair trade products on the shelves now. Minimum pricing has been managed in a sustainable way that benefits all concerned.

create a fair life for all
create a fair life for all

other advantages

The other advantages of supporting fair trade labels are sourcing superior quality products. Fairtrade International discourages the use of GMOs and encourages organic farming. Furthermore, they also train producers in composting and recycling.

In order to be a certified  Fair Trade producer, they need to be totally transparent in their administration. This means that by empowering workers, they consequently have access to education, healthcare and better living conditions.

The enviromental advantages to ethical farming practices are huge. Through proper training, farmers learn how to protect water, soil and virgin forests. Once educated, they tend to move away from the use harmful chemicals and gmo products.

the future

The techniques and farming practices taught by Fairtrade International have a positive impact on everyone concerned. This holistic approach has far reaching benefits that not only support the producer, but create a fair life for all.

Surely we all agree that the future looks so much more promising if we make a concerted effort to support ethical trade. The price paid for certification by producer and consumer is very small considering the alternatives.

Let’s continue to support small to medium size ethical producers and keep the conventional brands out of homes. Making a conscious decision to not support child labor and unethical practices, we can create a fair life for all.


There are are always ethical alternatives to the conventional products that do very little for the environment. The cotton industry is notorious for the unhealthy farming and production of its products. At you will find many products available that are produced according to strict ethical trading principles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it was informative. I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email at or comment below.

Stay well,

Robert [ aka Cape Trader ]

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ear plugs


Welcome to my blog. Today i’m doing a short review on these must have WIRELESS EARPHONES THAT NEVER FALL OUT. I trust the information provided herein will be informative and help you decide whether you want to purchase them.


We all know we need to take care of our physical and mental health, eat well and keep fit. Staying active and motivated to do so is another thing altogether.If you sit on a park bench watching all the runners pass you by, there is one thing nearly all of them have in common, and that is wire dangling from their ears. I’m not sure if it’s just me or the shape of my ears but those damn things don’t stay in while I’m working out. That might be a good indicator as to how hard you are training. If your earphones are still in your ears then maybe you need to move your body more. Imagine there were WIRELESS EARPHONES THAT NEVER FALL OUT regardless of how vigorous your movement.


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Running an ethical online store and promoting mental and physical health


Running an ethical online store and promoting mental and physical health is what we are all about. As a former health store owner and being married to a vegan nutritionist, health and wellness is a big part of our lives. We just could not build a website that does not incorporate all that we stand for, such as animal and environmental welfare. Welcome to and we hope to see you on soon.

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