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This site is intended as a hub for all my digital platforms. There are many unique products featuring on vhawker.com , our ethical online mall and other websites that I am affiliated with. I chose to use capetrader.net to review products and share with our followers on what is new in our ethical online mall.

The growing demand for a fair trade, recycled, organic and cruelty-free product has exploded in the last decade. Millennials know what they want and many of them do not want to contribute to the decline of the environment.

Rise of the conscious consumer

Conscious consumers are saying no to fast fashion and plastic which is filling up landfill sites and ending up in our oceans. We can no longer live in the selfish, unsustainable manner we previously did.

Thankfully, sustainability has become trendy. People are now opting for a high-quality organic t-shirt versus 3 cheap, heavily dyed t-shirts at the same price.

Times are changing and that change can’t come quick enough. We are seeing a mass extinction of species and deterioration of our planet at an alarming rate.

I am positive about our future despite the bleak forecasts. We are becoming very innovative and finding alternatives for everything. There are materials such as hemp, bamboo, faux leathers made from mushrooms, pineapple and much more.

Virtual online malls such as www.vhawker.com are providing consumers with more options than they could imagine.

 I have completed a few projects and some I’m still working on. These will feature on the Cape Trader facebook page, google plus, Youtube, Tumblr, and Instagram.

I am looking forward to connecting with all you beautiful people fom our conscious community. Please reach out with comments on the blogs and above mentioned platforms with any suggestions you might have.

Stay well,

Cape Trader

A gateway to your ethical online mall
A gateway to your ethical online mall

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